Helpdesk Cloud Services

QualyDesk is a SaaS all-IP secured virtual contact centre platform with the largest and most complex requirements. QualyDesk consolidates all major contact centre functions, all communication channels, all user locations, and any number of applications or tenants, we bring the efficiency and cost reduction benefits of consolidation without compromising the unlimited deployment flexibility of an IP communications architecture.

VoIP call recording & quality management

QualyDesk provides a solution that helps businesses resolve customer disputes, improve customer service, comply with legal requirements and increase employee productivity.

Data quality – address cleansing

QualyDesk DQM allows you to clean, deduplicate & enrich your customers address base. Reduce inaccuracies associated with manual address entry, saving money for your organization as well as improving your customer service. Enable users to search, find and enter full addresses online quickly and easily. Improve and enhances the quality of your customer data. Seamless integration through our API or by a file upload.

Marketing campaigns

QualyDesk can provide you the platform and the tools to create multi-format and multimedia marketing campaigns : Phone IVR, SMS, email and postal mail.

Create your own helpdesk or hotline

We enable you to deliver a new customer experience, create your own helpdesk or hotline always available and accessible everywhere. You will track and trace your customer demands and prioritarize them to deliver the best customer experience.

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